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A one-shot campaign that I ran on Sunday, August 23rd. It ran for about four hours then everyone got tired (well technically everyone started tired), but it was really fun!

The players:


The party variously joins a caravan heading south from the Scavenger Lands to Rathess. A fortress/expedition camp has been set up there for the looting of goods from this difficult-to-loot ruined area. The party sets out on the first expedition wave, which is led by Con Seannery of the Guild.

This time (unlike the WECE), the party is not taken in the night by Ma-Ha-Suchi's beastmen but is instead ambushed by Raptors. The raptors promptly slaughter everyone but the protagonists, and the players retaliate by killing the raptors.

The party now explores the ruins of central Rathess. In the basement of a large building, which has been overgrown with weeds, they find a cryogenic stasis room with 7 failed pods and one active one. The stasis-ified entities are not people, but large, well-dressed Raptors like the ones they killed.

Harold rolls 8 successes on Int+Lore and figures out how to reanimate the raptor. It appears to only speak Old Realm, but so does Harold. The party brokers a deal with this reanimated giant dinosaur-man-thing, they will help him rebuild his civilization and he will grant them access to his stuff (also he seems to assume they'll help since Solars and Dragon-Kings are both Unconquered Sun servants).

The party goes exploring, but night comes and the Dragon King, Zirash, is the only one who can see shit. The party rests in a garden while Zirash finds a more suitable base camp. The next day the party goes out to look for adult raptors who might try to challenge Zirash, and find a nest of raptors being overcome with Zombie Raptors (apparently became that way by eating enchanted Zombies). They manage to kill the zombies and report back. Zirash is displeased with this turn of events (and Harold has to inform him of how the Undead are now more of a problem than before the Great Contagion). He sends them to find the flying machines quarter, and Harold manages to use a flying machine to scout out the nearby shadowland. He is accosted by Zombie Pterok and flees, and Zirash shoots them down once he gets back.

The party plus Zirash then sets out to attack the Shadowland. There are two deathknights, one starts using necromancy and the other dies when Zirash starts burninating stuff. The party manages to take down the deathknight and the zombies. The session ends with the party resolving to help Zirash rebuild the Dragon King empire, for better or worse.

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